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Keeping weight down as we age

Monday, April 30th, 2007

Have you heard of the “Displacement Theory for Diets”? Basically, what this theory says is that as you age, your metabolism begins to slow down. Even if you ate a perfect diet in your younger years and kept eating the same foods in the same quantities as you age, you will gain weight. To account for the slowing metabolism, you should increase your exercise, including some for of resistance training (to maintain your muscle mass) and eat fewer calories. A great way to do this is increase fruit consumption while decreasing consumption of fatty, high calorie foods. Seems logical, but most people never think of aging and weight gain this way. If you make a small change gradually, keeping your weight in check should be no problem.


Senior Discounts

Monday, April 23rd, 2007

Getting older does have its advantages. Many seniors are on a fixed income and therefore are always on the lookout for bargains.  The internet is a great place to locate places that offer specail deals for seniors. The following is a short list of sites that offer coupons and savings. You can also do a search in google under senior discount, or senior coupons.

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Scams aimed at seniors

Monday, April 16th, 2007

This article was written by Idaho Attoreny General Lawrence Wasden

What Are The Scams Seniors Should Look Out For And How Can They Be Prevented?

The U.S. government estimates that nationwide there are more than eight hundred active “bunco” or fraud scams, most of which can victimize the elderly as well as members of other age groups. Some of these con games, such as high pressure, deceptive sales pitches for living trusts, “low-risk, high-yield” investment scams and “miracle” arthritis remedies, are specifically aimed at senior citizens. However, seniors also fall prey in large numbers to scams involving advanced loan fees, home improvements, auto repairs and work-at-home schemes.

Here are a few quick tips you should observe to avoid being taken by any of these fraudulent schemes:

  • Don’t let greed overcome common sense. Look out for get-rich-quick schemes, “free” offers, or “you have won” solicitations. Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it is.

  • Wait 24 hours before making a purchase; there is no need to rush. An offer from a reputable source will remain available from one day to the next.

  • Get a second opinion; consult with someone you trust before making important financial decisions.

  • Never reveal your “vital numbers” such as credit cards phone cards, date of birth and social security numbers or your personal identification numbers (PIN) for automated teller machine (ATM) transactions to verify a contest prize, low-cost vacation or other prize offer;

Be wary of…

  • high pressure sales

  • demands for cash only

  • the need for quick decisions

  • secret deals available only to specially selected people

  • no-risk, high-yield investments

  • delayed delivery or products or services (the con artist could be long gone before the promised delivery date)

  • offers requiring that cashier’s checks be sent immediately by private over-night carriers

If you think you have been victimized by a fraud scheme or you know of a con game that is targeting your friends or neighbors, call the Attorney General’s Office or the fraud division or your local police department.

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Get moving to improve arthritis

Thursday, April 5th, 2007

Get moving! Exercise isn’t just about improving your heart and fighting flab that comes with aging. It may also be the answer to preventing stiff, achy joints that can lead to debilitating arthritis. An Australian study suggests the more time older women spend exercising, the better their chances are of staying pain-free from one of the biggest chronic conditions plaguing developed countries.Even exercising as little as one hour and 15 minutes a week now can make a difference over the next three years, according to findings recently published in the journal Arthritis Research & Therapy.

By MARGIE MASON, AP Medical Writer Tue Apr 3

Spring clean up

Monday, April 2nd, 2007

Many seniors still enjoy being outside and doing yard work. Now that spring is here, many will head outdoors and begin cleaning the yard and gardens. This can be great for both mental and physical health, but a little preparation can make this far more enjoyable. Like any other activity, start slowly to let your body warm up. After you get the body warm, do some light stretching. Take regular breaks to stretch and change positions. If kneeling down for an extended period of time, get up slowly, possibly using some support to lean on. Don’t try to get everything done in one day. It is better to do the job spread out over a period of several days. If jobs are very big or require heavy lifting, hire someone to help with that part of the job.

Staying active is one of the secrets to a long and health life. Be smart and enjoy your passions.

Keeping the mind young is a puzzle

Friday, March 30th, 2007

As people age, their mind and body both age. Exercise is great for helping the body and research shows that puzzles can help keep your mind young. Any type of puzzle that challenges your mind will do the job. Your newspaper, puzzle books, games and these websites are all great places to find crossword puzzles. You can also Google crossword puzzle and get a large list of options.

Seniors on the internet

Tuesday, March 27th, 2007

Baby boomers and seniors are the fastest growing and most affluent segment of the population. Most businesses have recognized this and have begun creating products and services geared towards them. One area that has been far behind in creating services towards this group has been the internet. Companies think that seniors do not understand the internet and are afraid to use it. While in many cases this is true, more and more people in the 50+ market are getting online. In addition to, there is an emerging number of websites geared towards seniors. Here is a small list of them.

Is a Care Manager the answer?

Thursday, March 22nd, 2007

Trying to figure out the best solution for a senior can be extremely confusing. Is home care the right way to go? Should I look into assisted living or a nursing home? Is there any federal money available to pay for care? Who will oversee everything if I hire a private person? These questions and many others are very common. For many people, the help of a care manager can be a godsend. Care managers or case managers come in many forms. some are certified some are nurses, some social workers and still others have no degree but are very knowledgeable about helping seniors. While certified care managers can be very expensive, sometimes they are the best way to go. More information can be found in an article recently published on the website titled “Using a Care Manager”

CareGrade adds new article “Home Safety - Preventing Falls”

Monday, March 19th, 2007 has posted a new article on how seniors can prevent falls and can be found at

Pennsylvania added to

Monday, March 19th, 2007

Senior service providers such as nursing homes, assisted living facilities, elder law attorneys, home health care companies and other providers from Pennsylvania have now been added to the growing CareGrade database. These providers are all now available for reviews from individuals who have had experiences with them. To find the PA providers, go to the link below. Next up, New York, Florida and California.

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